Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is in my bag?

I decided to finally document what is in my camera bag these days. I am curious what may or may not be in it in the days to come, but for now, I am  really happy with what is in it.


I have a Canon Rebel xTi that I got about 2 years ago. It has suited me well and I still love it today. I have held other cameras and they are just so much heavier than I would like, so this Rebel suits me well.

When I got it it came with the 18-55mm kit lens and it had a Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. The 18-55mm lens and me got along well, but the zoom one and I didn’t get along. This spring I sold my zoom lens and have now replaced it with the 18-270mm Tamron.


My hopes and dreams were that the new zoom lens might afford me the opportunity to capture more amazing pics of my kids outside. This lens comes with the VC capability and that will hopefully count for the wind that will inevitably come my way. PLUS, I have no desire to run around carrying a tripod in an effort to capture my kids on the ground. So far, the few times I have used it I am quite pleased!!! I love that the kids can run up to me and show me something and I can still take a picture of it without backing up as I might have had to with the 75-300mm lens. This shall be great fun!

IMG_3436 copy

As much as I don’t necessarily need to use my kit lens since the span of use is covered with the new one, I am not positive that I will be able to use the new lens to capture such great shots as this one that I took last summer at the fair. I may be able to get what I want, but until I am sure, I plan to keep my kit lens in my camera bag.

IMG_9222 flower - Copy

The Hoya Close Up kit is such a wonderful little tool in my bag for macro work. I am so thankful Minsan thought to buy it for me. It will only fit now on my kit lens so it is also good that I keep my kit lens in my bag :)! I love the pics I have taken with it already and I am looking forward to playing with it this year as well.


My final lens is one of my favorites as well. I think just about everyone online talks about it as a great buy for what it affords. It is my 50mm 1.8 fixed Canon lens. What a great little lens for taking all my inside shots. I am excited about the shots I can get inside of food and of course my kidlets. Really, such a great buy and it is a lens that will always be in my bag (forever!)

So there you have it, my camera bag in a nutshell. I am sure, as with any photographer, you know I have extra memory cards, batteries and even extra lens filters. For the most part, I am sure that the lenses are all that you care about.

Thanks for joining me while I document what I am using now. I am quite curious to see if these same items will still be suiting me 2 years down the way!


  1. Is that Tamron lens a fixed 2.8 ap, or does it vary based on focal length? That's my main issue with my Canon Kit lens. I hate that it changes aperture size based on focal length.

  2. ooooo fun to see what you are using. I enjoyed this post very much.