Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love my daisies!

Here they are now as a sea of daisies. They really are having  a great year. They kinda cycle from good years to okay years to amazing years. Definitely one of those amazing years.

IMG_5666 copyIMG_5667 copyIMG_5673 copy

IMG_5676 copyIMG_5682 copyIMG_5684 copy IMG_5689 copy

Anyone Else do this?

You know, enter your photos into contests? Well, I haven’t won yet, but I keep entering. Somehow it makes the challenge that much more fun! My current entries are one for Tamron, one for iheartfaces and one on Pioneer Woman’s site.

For Tamron’ Backyard Wildlife contest I entered this one (which ends tomorrow, so you still have a chance to enter!). Baby Bird in my Raspberry Bushes Here are the notes that they ask for in the entry:

File Title: Baby Bird in my Raspberry Bushes

This picture was taken in my backyard in my raspberry bushes in the early part of the morning. The mother bird was bold to put in a nest in my bushes, but has managed to successfully hatch her little eggs into these adorable babies. Which is quite the feat with all the nasty storms we have had this month. I used my Canon Rebel xTi with the Tamron 18-270 zoom lens standing nearby the nest with the zoom all the way out.

Details from the shot: F-Stop f/6.3, exposure time 1/25 sec., ISO 400, and 270mm focal length.

Pioneer Woman is currently doing an America photo assignment. My current picture I uploaded was my favorite from the other day. Doesn’t ice cream and smiles say America to you without the obvious red, white and blue symbolism?IMG_5592 bw Of course the one for iheartfaces is the eyes one. Man, I would love it if this lovely pic of Addie would win. It is sooooo my favorite.IMG_6954 I heart faces. tamron Anyway, if you are bored at all and wanted to vote for someone else that I know that has a pic in a contest then head on over to this site and vote for Cheryl’s horse pic. You can vote each day if you like. Once you log in once it remembers you…well at least it has been for me so far :)!

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Wide Photowalk

IMG_2475 april sauers 07 18 09 Last year I participated in the Scott Kelby 2nd Annual Photowalk and this year I am attending it again. I am leading it this year though, which really isn’t much past picking the meeting location, introducing everyone and getting us all started.

In any case, are you free on July 24th at 9:30 am? Then come and join a bunch of us taking pictures together and then meeting for coffee afterwards to talk and share some of our favorite shots. If you sign up on this site for the walk and then upload the pictures later, you can be a part of the contest where Scott Kelby pics the final winners of all the walks that are happening that day. No kdding, the winners win big in this one!!! So head out to this site and sign up. There is room for 50 walkers, so come out and having fun!!!

Here is the description of the walk I put on the site:

The walk will start at the front of the Atwood Center bldg on the SCSU campus. From there we will walk throughout the SCSU campus, then cross over University Bridge and walk through Munsinger Gardens. The SCSU campus affords for a great amount of architectural photo opportunities with the mix of newer buildings and historic as well. There are also plenty of landscape shots near the river. By walking across the bridge and over to Munsinger Gardens there will be an additional opportunity to capture the beauty of a well known St. Cloud landmark. The previous year we walked the Downtown St. Cloud area, so we were hoping to offer another St. Cloud area to photograph.

Our final destination will bring us to the Coffee Shop attached to the University Crossings Bookstore at the intersection of 9th Ave and University Dr. S. (927 9th Ave, Saint Cloud, MN 56301).

A Pelican Catching Lunch

IMG_4115 copyIMG_4116 copy IMG_4117 copy IMG_4120 copy IMG_4121 copy IMG_4124 copy IMG_4126 copy Here is one just a little closer.IMG_4126 copy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Such a Cutie Baby - Ryker

(sorry if this is a repost) I snuck over to Ashlee’s under the guise of bringing her family a meal after she had her baby, but truthfully, I just wanted to take pictures of her little newborn. He was just about 10 days old in these pictures I took of him. Oh, he is just the sweetest little guy. I got there and he was stirring a little in bed and I moved him to a better light situation. He stayed sleeping for the first part and then woke up for the rest. In spite of his desire to have something to eat, he amused me and let me snap a ton of shots. Such a sweet little guy!!! Here are just a few of the pics I took that day…so many more, so little time :)!IMG_2400 april IMG_2403 april copy IMG_2415 april IMG_2427 april IMG_2451 april IMG_2513 april IMG_2520 2 april IMG_2348 april copy IMG_2356 april bw copy IMG_2364 april seventies IMG_2372 april bw IMG_2392 april copy Oh such sweet little baby feets. I am so thankful to have been able to capture these sweet moments!!! Thank you Ashlee!!!!IMG_2484 bw april copy