Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For the Central MN Camera Club assignment we were told to take photos of patterns. I was very challenged to come up with something that was interesting and unexpected. Yeah, it was hard actually in addition to my always pursuit of great color. Munsinger






Railroad Tracks copy













For Laverna






My first question is, which one do you think best represents the assignment “pattern”. My second question is regarding the picture below…”can you see the pattern?” My son Duncan pointed it out to me and I was just curious if you can see it too?!    

kids in a pattern

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kidz Fest 2009 (2)

IMG_3797 copy_filtered

Each night when the kids come out they head straight for the slushy table. Yummy treat to leave with each night. Here is Nichole coming out with her boys and my kids nearby. That was my comfort leaving my kids behind a church we don’t attend…wonderful, wonderful family :)! Thanks Nichole for watching over my babies!

IMG_3808 copy_filtered

IMG_3806 copy_filtered

Each night the kids had contests between girls and boys. Well, the boys won the final night which afforded them to see Mary dowsed in slime!! Here is Mary all ready for the dowsing!!!

IMG_3812 copy

Here is the children’s pastor getting everyone all excited for what was about to happen!

IMG_3814 copy_filtered

Here it goes!

IMG_3818 copy_filtered

IMG_3819 copy_filtered IMG_3821 copy_filtered

Yep she was officially slimed! You are so brave Mary!!

In the end the kids really had a great, great time!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kidz Fest 2009 (1)

On Sunday, August 9th I brought the kids to the Good News Kidz Fest. It is a four evening event that always starts with a little carnival fun before hand. Will was actually too little to go into the main Kidz Fest, but he was more than welcome to have fun with the carnival and he sure did!

There was anything from the dunk tank…IMG_3652 copy

..to a plate breaking station.

IMG_3660 copy

The kids just had a blast playing and I enjoyed capturing tons of color!

IMG_3676 copy

What I loved about going to Good News for that week was the great opportunity to see lot of family! So many of our old friends and family go there, so it was great fun to catch up a bit! Here is my niece Allison walking with Will.

IMG_3718 copy

Allison’s boyfriend Jake was a sport and participated in the dunk tank too! What a trooper!

IMG_3722 copy IMG_3723 copy The first night Minsan met us there and took Will and I out on a date while the other two played at the Kidz Fest.

The next nights Minsan and I took turns bring the kids in. I actually loved bringing them in because I had that chance to go out on my own and have some quiet time having coffee and reading a book while the kids were busy. Ahhhh, it was wonderful!IMG_3794 IMG_3783The pictures from the final night of the event will come tomorrow :)!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Time Bikin’

IMG_6227 copy 3

The kids were havin’ fun biking their little hearts out and of course played along with me while I took many pictures! Honestly, I would have taken even more, but the truth is, the mosquitoes are just so AWEFUL!!! You just walk out for a second and they chew you up! So, a quick “photo shoot” and I rushed back into the house! A sad way to spend the fall I tell you! IMG_6242 copy IMG_6253 copy IMG_6264 copyIMG_6285 copy IMG_6296 copy

I am just happy to catch some of colors starting to turn this fall even if it is just for a moment :)!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A coffee cup edit!

IMG_6382 copy

What is better than one cup of latte?…a second one shared by a friend :)!

What I loved is that the pictures straight from the camera, because the lighting was poor at Panera for picture taking, my shot looked like this... IMG_6382

BUT, I corrected it by changing the temperature settings towards the cooler side since I took it in RAW. Then I ran the Vivid Coffeeshop action. After all that the picture was very noisy (see pic below) and so I ran the Noiseware Community Edition software and did a full suppression of the noise.

IMG_6382 copy_filtered

In the end, the pic turned out just right :)!IMG_6382 copy

…a storms a comin’

That day there were threatening clouds all day….and not many drops of rain…the clouds sure looked menacing though!

IMG_3624 copy_filtered

IMG_3618 copy

IMG_3619 copy_filtered

The lighting was not great, but I still tried to get the composition I was looking for in some of these shots. It nearly makes me want to go back and try again when it is isn’t dusk!

IMG_3626 copy_filtered

IMG_3628 copy_edited-1

I saw the cows coming home on my way home that day. It was fun to make them “stop” to look at me. Of course I didn’t want to continue distracting the cows since I am sure they were probably heading home on the same path they take every single day!

IMG_3645 copy

IMG_3649 copy

IMG_3637 copy

IMG_3639 copy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meeker County Fair (4)

It was kid day at the fair, so the kids were able to do the Pedal Pull. They all had a great time giving it a go. Even though none of our kids won, they each still were able to get ribbons for participating and a can of Dr. Pepper! IMG_3216 copy

IMG_3215 copy

IMG_3219 copy