Monday, August 27, 2012

Soybean Fields

I was gone for a week and at my return I realized that things started changing colors and we are heading towards fall. All the corn is drying up and so are the soybeans. The wonderful bright green that they have been has suddenly begun turning yellow and then brown. Alas, my eyes are always chasing down color and this was no different. This year I decided to jump into the field and snap a few shots. Yep, I am notorious for a brief trespass, but I promise, I didn’t hurt anything and I leave as quickly as a I came. Don’t you just love the vibrant greens and yellows?IMG_6055IMG_6057IMG_6061IMG_6065

Friday, August 17, 2012


I realized that I haven’t been driving around shooting landscapes in a while. Tonight seemed like just as good a time as any. I had a lovely meal out with my sister and then drove the long way home. It was worth it to drive around Richmond, MN a bit. Beautiful landscapes were captured. IMG_4696IMG_4698IMG_4702IMG_4709IMG_4718IMG_4732IMG_4737IMG_4756IMG_4749

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

In an effort to get the 365 pic of day I did manage to get a little wet…worth it though. The assignment this week is liquid and this seemed just as perfect of a subject as any. IMG_4671IMG_4674IMG_4691

Friday, August 10, 2012

I love Silhouettes


Final Scenes of My Bridge

That is, before they transform it into a walking bridge. The rails were removed months ago, but now they are working on making it into a walking path. Can’t wait to see it done, and yet I am still a bit sad for the loss of the railroad tracks. IMG_3765IMG_3773IMG_3776IMG_3781IMG_3761IMG_3778

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Album Cover Project

I was asked to shoot some pictures of Christy in preparation of her finishing up her music project and getting her cd done. I was very honored to take these pictures for her album cover and was also excited to use our friend’s property. They have a lot of great locations that are awesome for photography and it turned out exactly like I had hoped. Thanks Ashlee and Neil for an awesome place that you so graciously shared with us!IMG_9429IMG_9438IMG_9454IMG_9463IMG_9520IMG_9093IMG_9107IMG_9118IMG_9135 bwIMG_9164IMG_9194IMG_9207IMG_9211 bwIMG_9219 bwIMG_9239IMG_9288IMG_9306

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Wedding - St. Cloud, MN Wedding Photographer

IMG_4419My brother in law got married in June and I was able to come alongside and capture the day. The day started with the bride getting ready for the day.
IMG_4333-2IMG_4437IMG_4492IMG_4423My photography partner captured some pics of the guys getting ready and  then we paired up to be there for the first look.
After the service we ran out and took some formal shots of the bridal party. For the most part we had tons of playful shots since the couple loves to have fun all the time.IMG_4829IMG_5140IMG_4869IMG_5066-2We still made sure to get a few standard formal shots. IMG_4955-2
Later on it was time for  the reception which is where you get to see the beautiful cake. My sister in law is very talented and made their wedding cake, it was fun and sweet! She is very skilled at her work!IMG_5145Of course the night is always wrapped up nicely with a wedding dance. IMG_5259_filtered copy
What made it extra special for me was that my husband was a part of the band playing that night. He did an amazing job rocking the house that  night. It was awesome!IMG_5538
Congratulations to the newest Mr. and Mrs. S.