Monday, August 31, 2009


For the Camera Club of Central MN photo challenge this month the challenge is reflections. It is actually quite challenging, but I have found a few old pics were suited for the challenge. I have always loved the snow scene from last December. What a great reflection of snow into the river that I brought back for viewing.

IMG_2394 copy_edited-1

This one of Duncan…if you look closely, you will find a self portrait of me in the reflection in his eyes!

IMG_4701 copy

This one I took this past month on the way to Albany to visit a friend. I happened by at just the right time to get a really cool reflection of the sun and sky in the water!

IMG_4429_filtered copy_edited-1

This one was fun to catch of Nikki at the CMA rally. I had hoped to catch a reflection with my motorcycle since it is quite shiny and has so many wonderful opportunities for reflection…especially on a beautiful blue sky day days like we had that weekend!IMG_4553 copy_filtered

This one was a little bit on the greener side, but it was fun to see the different looks of water depending where you are. This was a view of the Sauk River over in Frogtown Park.

IMG_4802 copy_edited-1

So there you have it, reflections by ihpoc!

St. Cloud Photowalk (23)

IMG_2556 copy

IMG_2554 copy

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A tiny river…

River of Life Church did some amazing landscaping this summer and here are just a few pictures from it’s little creek that was created! I love moving water and river rock! Beautiful!

IMG_2895 copy

IMG_2893 copy

IMG_2894 copy

Friday, August 28, 2009

More Countryside Photos

IMG_4640 copyIMG_4631 copyIMG_4643 copy IMG_4645 copy IMG_4649 copyIMG_4654 copy IMG_4659 copy IMG_4661 copy IMG_4647 copy

I just love farms and the life that it brings to the countryside. Animals, crops and beauty…love it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Redo

My friend Alyssa went on a European trip with her family this past summer. She had forwarded me a few pictures she took while she was there and I knew they were great, but I couldn’t help but do a little bit of editing just for fun. I figured I would share them out here just for fun. I will post them in a before and after format. Sometimes I over-saturate…I know…but I do it to the level I love. One thing is for certain…not everyone loves what I love and you know what…I really am okay with that :)!


DSC00099 (2) copy_filtered copy

 DSC00211DSC00211 (2) copy_filtered copy

DSC00417  DSC00417 copy 2 3_filtered

DSC00505  DSC00505 (2) copy_filtered copy

DSC00279  DSC00279 (2) copy_filtered copy

She actually took some other amazing pictures from Spain and even Italy, but I went to her house in person and saw them..this was all I had to work with via email…it will just have to do. Her other pictures though…amazing!

Aweseome Contest out on Texas Chicks!
Check it out! I would love to win this and may do a test printing sometime just to check it out!

St. Cloud Photowalk (21)

IMG_2529 copy IMG_2543 copy_edited-1 IMG_2546 copy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Along the Roadside

IMG_3957 copy

Sometimes when I am out running errands (such as getting my milk from a farm) I bring my camera with….just in case I like what the scenery is. Tonight the sky seemed especially interesting and the roadside especially changed.

It wasn’t but 5 weeks since I last drove this road, but it has changed much with the crops growing and the flowers blooming. Yeah, it intrigued me and I just had to snap lots of pictures to share!!

IMG_3938 copyIMG_3941 IMG_3947 copy IMG_3949 copy_edited-1 IMG_3955 copy IMG_3956 copy IMG_3958 copy IMG_3934 copy IMG_3936 copy

Sorry there were so many…I just couldn’t help myself!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Graduation Pictures of Millie

I took Millie’s pictures last month and posted a few pictures on Facebook, but thought it might be fun to post them out here on In Hot Pursuit of Color.

I was so excited to take her pictures and was really happy with how great turned out. Millie is beautiful! IMG_2130 copyperfect portrati copy IMG_2140 copy_edited-1 copy IMG_2215 copy soft copy 2 IMG_2230 perfect portrait vignette IMG_2252 hot cocoa final_copy IMG_2125 vivid bright copyIMG_2269 vivid brightorton_edited-ihpocIMG_2116 face original  copy IMG_2114 face color pop copy

There were just a few of the million pictures I took. It was all great fun!!! I think what really helped was using all the actions I had downloaded from CoffeeShop. Incredibly useful when editing portraits!