Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Life of a Little Boy!

IMG_7057 copy_filtered

This little guy was at my house today with his momma and brother during our homeschool coop time. He didn’t give me too much face time, but I was very tickled when I checked out the pictures I did take of him and realized that I had actually just captured the life of a little boy…playing and eating. The simple things in life :)!

IMG_7059 copy_filtered IMG_7076 copy IMG_7081 copy IMG_7083 copy IMG_7089 copy

To be fair, I did try getting some pictures of his brother, but with the inside lighting challenges and boyhood movement, I only got one great one of him when I bartered with him to get a few pictures in exchange for some batteries for a flash light we had. Here he is too.

IMG_7109 copy ihpoc

They are two very beautiful boys and it was fun to get to see them here!

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