Monday, January 30, 2012

In Search of Windows

This week’s assignment is windows, so I have been looking at windows very differently. Funny thing though is that once I think I have the shot, I quickly move on because it isn’t like you can stock pile them for the week. My eyes will look again tomorrow!!! Here are some extras from today’s shooting. IMG_1571





Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ken Davis Show

Spirit 92.9 hosted Ken Davis to our little town of St. Cloud on Saturday night. IMG_1170

I took quite a few pictures of him and each one had a different look on his face. He was really fun to listen and watch. My husband and I had a great time. IMG_1195Speaking in Stereo! What a hoot!IMG_1197IMG_1212


This was where I was caught. I was trying a different angle for shooting and he nailed me. I knew it was a risk, but I had hoped that if I snuck up to the front and stayed low, he wouldn’t notice….I was mistaken. He came right over and tried interacting with me, I wanted to die!!! He came over and posed for me…Can’t say he looked all too good. I was just glad when he walked away. I really prefer blending in. IMG_1244IMG_1275IMG_1295IMG_1298


IMG_1341The night was fun and I was sore from laughing so hard! So glad we were able to go!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color Pursuits Continue at My Bridge

The weather was exceptionally beautiful today. Sunny (ahhh, glorious sun!), Blues Skies, and Clouds. Altogether lovely! So after my chiro appt I snuck over to the bridge to capture some shots to see how winter was looking over there. I am happy and I found a nice color shot for my 365 project. Yep, today’s color is black!IMG_1085Here are the rest from the day!IMG_1076IMG_1080IMG_0995IMG_0996IMG_1008IMG_1009IMG_1020IMG_1024IMG_1029IMG_1032Lots of melty snow on the wood planks. IMG_1034IMG_1041IMG_1050IMG_1057IMG_1062IMG_1066IMG_1068IMG_1070IMG_1073IMG_1075

Color Posting Continues

Thanks to color week on the 365 Project, here are more color leftovers so to speak. I just couldn’t stop taking advantage of the rainbow goldfish to shoot a few extras and of course share them here. I just loved how vibrant they looked and all the fun colors. The funny thing is, I never buy these outside of my desire to take pictures of them. My kids just don’t need the extra dye that they offer, but on this rare occasion I am sure they won’t complain about eating them all up!IMG_0924IMG_0929IMG_0931IMG_0938IMG_0944IMG_0946IMG_0959IMG_0963IMG_0964IMG_0969IMG_0972IMG_0976IMG_0983

Enough goldfish shots? I am sure, lets see what I come up with today!