Monday, August 29, 2011

Today’s Walk


Note that the leaves are starting to change a bit…watch out, fall is peaking it’s head around the corner.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Car Show (4)

IMG_4672 copyIMG_4596 copyIMG_4484 copyIMG_4494 copyIMG_4530 copyIMG_4540 copyIMG_4556 copyIMG_4577 copyIMG_4580 copyIMG_4585 copyIMG_4645 copy

Brainerd Photo Shoot

A friend of mine was wonderful and lined up some mini sessions at the horse farm where she spends every spare moment she can. Everyone there was totally supportive of our plans of adopting and happily helped us along with our goal. I had the personal honor of taking their pictures.  This was the first shoot I had lined up since tossing out the offer to take pictures and have people donate to our adoption plans. I have since had many other shoots, but this was indeed my first one. PTL for everyone along this journey that has helped us, we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone’s support.
Without further ado, here are  a few quick shots that I took that day.  IMG_5764 bw_filtered IMG_5709_filteredIMG_6136 bw_filteredIMG_6154 bw copyIMG_6318_filteredIMG_6418IMG_6482 copyIMG_6504IMG_5990_filteredIMG_5941 bw filteredIMG_5978 bw filteredIMG_5932IMG_5684 bw copyIMG_5515IMG_5546_filteredIMG_5579 bw copyIMG_5527 bw filtered

An Evening Walk


Saturday, August 27, 2011

“S” Family–Lifestyle Photoshoot

I did a family photoshoot with our friends that were visiting from out of town. I did give them pictures in color like this one:
IMG_2132…and a matching set of them edited like this black and white one:IMG_2193
I will always happily provide each client with just that. BUT, for the fun of sharing out here, I have been enjoying this Mocha Preset from Coffeeshop Blog. Let me know what you think of the below edits. IMG_2759IMG_2809IMG_2159-2IMG_2253IMG_2259IMG_2275IMG_2295IMG_2305IMG_2383IMG_2409IMG_2416IMG_2428IMG_2440IMG_2476IMG_2486IMG_2516IMG_2519IMG_2605IMG_2691IMG_2719