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This week at iheartfaces they are helping us to give thought to breast cancer awareness by sharing pink pictures. Here is my sweet little contribution the pinkness. Little Sybilla. Okay, as of today she is no longer little, but here, just a few days old, yep, tiny sweetness! IMG_2781 final
Don’t forget to head out to iheartfaces and check out their other great entries.

Fall Pictures From Today

Just a few shots I took today from outside.

Clarisse’s pumpkin on the stoop. IMG_8615 copy

One of my last trees with leaves on them. This is the first year that it has decided to turn yellow from green. This tree usually has purplish leaves and just eventually turns ugly brown. This year it is strange, but kinda cool to have it do something different!IMG_8620IMG_8632IMG_8633 copyIMG_8641 copyIMG_8652 copyIMG_8655 copyIMG_8658 brighter  copyIMG_8661 copyMy favorite shot of the morning. IMG_8672 copy

The neighbors leaves.IMG_8680 copy.even ones just sitting on the driveway. I love the imperfection of it. IMG_8682 copyMy entry way d├ęcor…simplicity at it’s best. I just love the fall colors!IMG_8710 copy