Friday, May 28, 2010

I Heart Faces - Fix it Fridays


Here is the original.4647424906_aca36474e2_bI did an edit on the little girl’s skin to help smooth things out and cropped out the toes. I actually like the toes, but it seemed a little odd since it wasn’t her whole foot and it didn’t include the little boy’s toes too. 4647424906_aca36474e2_b copyHere is another edit I tried. I cooled the skin down and brightened things up. I actually like the clean edit of their little faces and added the PW lovely action to soften things up.4647424906_aca36474e2_b bw  copy lighten cool and lovely  I just thought I would play a little with these little ones…4647424906_aca36474e2_b bw  copy lighten cool and lovely copy

If you have time…head over to iheartfaces and see  how everyone else edited the same pic!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Stormy Skies

I ran off to run some errands last night and on my way I really enjoyed the cool skies. Isn’t that cool?! This was the pre-storm clouds that threatened on my way to town.

IMG_1583 copyWhen I came out of Wal-Mart I had the joy of enjoying this wonderful view!IMG_1604 copy I know it was just the Wal-Mart parking lot…can you imagine this with a prettier setting? Anyway, I still love the beautiful sky no matter where I am?!IMG_1608 copyEven while I was driving the sky was still so pretty!!!IMG_1609_filtered

What a great night to be out! Of course right after I was done shopping and safe in my car, the rains finally came!! Glad to have made it into my car before they came.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picture of the Day

IMG_1344 copyIMG_1337 copy

I love 3 and 4 year olds…they have their own sense of style and no one can change their minds….love it! Pajamas, the inserts of snow boots, a ruler for a sword and a girls headband…really, does it get any better?

IMG_1341 copy

Cows in a Field

IMG_1315 copy I just captured some cows out in a field and thought I would snap some shots of them. It was funny to watch them interacting and see that there indeed was one cow that was in charge of the other ones.
One thing that they did note is that they were definitely on their way back to the barn for milking…they were fun to watch though.IMG_1313 copy IMG_1297 copy IMG_1306 copy IMG_1307 copy IMG_1309 copy IMG_1311 copy

Monday, May 24, 2010


I always find it interesting how things look SOOC and then after I have messed around with them. Specifically when I am using 50mm lens inside where there lighting isn’t great and I never use my flash. When I take pictures with my 50mm lens I put the ISO up to 800 and snap away. If you look at your view screen or on your computer the picture right below is your first view of it…pretty yellow eh? You could almost question that I got the shot at all. IMG_1431I take the picture in raw so that when I open it from there I can cool the temperature down a little and it completely removes the yellow effect. Then I mess a bit with the exposure or brightness depending with what is going on with the picture I took. I have found that when pictures are taken and there is a spotlight on the faces of the people that I can pull down the exposure and bring the face back into focus.   Anyway, the picture below now is that same picture with the temperature tweak and exposure upped a little to bright and clear up the shot. I am always surprised by what I can get away with in the natural light realm. It isn’t professional wedding photographer quality, but it does do what I am hoping which is telling a story…IMG_1430 edited from rawHere is that same picture with a black and white effect.IMG_1430 edited from raw bwHere it is as well with PW Seventies action (which is what I used to edit the whole lot from this series). Sometimes it is fun to just play with pics and make them fun…even if they look older, LOL!IMG_1430 edited from raw seventies

Chloe and Allison

I just really loved these pictures of Chloe and Allison from Mother’s Day. They just make my heart go yippy skippy! IMG_0464 copy IMG_0468 copy
New Chloe and Allison copy
IMG_0476 copy IMG_0478 copy

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano – Gluten Free Menu, yay!

IMG_5105 copy_filtered Catch this…still posting pics from March!!! We had a chance to dine at Biaggi’s on a trip to Trader Joes. IMG_5107 copy_filtered I was sooo pleased to see that they had added a gluten free menu to the process. So wonderful to have them care about my needs!!! You know that life is all about me right?!!! Okay, I know it isn’t but on moments like this I feel like a princess!IMG_5101 copy Not only do they have a gluten free menu, but they also bring out gluten free bread for you too!!! Lovely!IMG_5111Not that I needed the extra calories, but fun to get to have bread like everyone else!IMG_5128_filteredI know I could have ordered something fancy, but a gluten free pizza sounded pretty yummy!!!  It was so good!IMG_5120 copy_filteredEveryone else had delightful foods too! Ahhh, I love a good meal presentation!!!IMG_5109 copyIMG_5112 IMG_5119 copyAfter a wonderful time shopping at Trader Joes and dining at Biagge’s it was back to the grind…once we got through the evening traffic that is. Thankfully this wasn’t bumper like it could have been!IMG_5133_filtered