Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs of Spring Photo Series

…as stolen from Dirt Road Kids :)! She has a smashing idea and I look forward to following in her footsteps. Okay, so the reality is, I was finally able to get my new lens…it was a wonderful day when it arrived, BUT, it has been nothing but rain and pouring rain and more rain since I got it last Monday. Even today is incredibly drab. What am I to do? New lens and yet I have to wait for wonderful weather to use it…well that is what I thought until I read DRK’s post. Why not just take pictures of the drab. So yesterday on my way to St. Cloud I stopped along the roadside and snapped some shots out my window. It was raining and pretty windy, so the pics aren’t great, but they are indeed springtime shots!IMG_4931 copyIMG_4937 copyIMG_4938

Hopefully as we get past March and April it will continue to look much, much better!!