Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter V

V is for Visitors! We had Bob and Kathy Eickhoff over for dinner Saturday! We had a great time visiting with them, enjoying a meal together and playing a game. Thanks for coming, it was wonderful!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playin’ with a Mirror

Will was good to me and was willing to play with the camera and this mirror while we were at the Holiday Inn the other day!
He is pretty cute and so fun!
IMG_2283_filtered IMG_2284_filtered  IMG_2288_filtered IMG_2289_filtered IMG_2291_filtered

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Heart Faces – Fix it Friday


Here is the new challenge for Fix it Friday out on I Heart Faces.  I love this sweet, sweet picture!!!4310573148_c80ec4c041_b (2)

Here is my first edit…being the fan of CoffeeShop actions, I ran a Butterscotch Vintage edit on it and then added a vignette to finish.


This one I cropped for a nice close up and used the Daydream action. I love how soft and sweet she looks.

4310573148_c80ec4c041_b powder room crop

This one I am ran the CoffeeShop vivid action and then played around with some free snowflake brushes that I had downloaded from somewhere online. It is fun to try something different and have a little fun!4310573148_c80ec4c041_b powder room crop_edited-1

In the end I think my favorite is the Daydream edited one. Head out to I Heart Faces and you will find lots of other edits that others have done.

Memories of Summer!

IMG_9849IMG_9862IMG_9855 copyIMG_9867 copyIMG_9899IMG_9887

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can we say, “Brrrrrrrrr”?

I thought about the fact that I don’t take all that many outside shots in the winter and figured while I was out running Clarisse to a homeschooling thing that I would take a few pictures… Yah, I can’t say I will do that again too soon…can you feel the 7 degree temperature though the picture in addition to the added wind chill. Yeah, trying to warm myself up after just a few shots has taught me that it might not be worth it. I am still chilled… Although if you can feel the temps while looking at these pictures, maybe, just maybe it will have been worth it. Let me know!

IMG_2515 urban copy_filtered IMG_2512_filtered

Girlfriends I Heart Faces Challenge


At first when I saw this post on I Heart Faces, I wasn’t sure I could even join in. As much as I have some pictures of my girlfriends (I just don’t have enough that is for sure!) I was pretty sure that I didn’t have one that would be worth entering…. UNTIL, I remembered this shot! I did a quick Daydream Action edit on it from Coffeeshop and I was happy! Yeah for a great picture to be able to enter!

What I thought was interesting is that once I uploaded my picture to the Flickr site, I began to see what others had entered. I was surprised by all the little girls… I only say I was surprised because I hadn’t thought about my daughter’s girlfriends at all for this challenge, I only thought of my own :)!

To all my girlfriends out there…I love ya!!!!

Interesting Thought!

I was reading this post today and it reminded me of someone else that I have been following. At Living and Loving Every Moment blog she has been using this little kitty in an ongoing photo opportunity, like this.

I was thinking that once I am done with the ABC challenge that I might do something similar. I haven’t determined the object that will be in every shot yet, but I thought that it might be a great way to get through the winter. I think if I did indeed commit to 100 shots or days with it that Spring would finally arrive and we would be in happy springtime shooting mode!

Just yesterday William was asking me when the grass was going to be coming back…sorry bud, but we have a ways to go :(!

Anyone else interested in something like this challenge?

Munsinger Gardens Layer Masking

I am starting to share some of the pictures I took at Munsinger Garden’s in September. Some of the pictures are turning out just amazing. Of course there is always the time of training as I feel the need to learn some new things. This was my attempt at having the background being antiqued and a little texture and the front petals be just normal. 

Sad that I am finally allowing myself to check this stuff out. BUT, it looks like it might be a new fun venture…watch out!!!

In the end I am not sure so much that I love how this picture turned out, but the training it provided is invaluable!
IMG_5654 copy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Annual Refuge Winter Ball


Simply Dawn was super kind and invited me to the Water’s Church Refuge Ball on Sunday, January 24th. It was a lovely presentation of tables that the ladies had decorated. They were absolutely amazing and Dawn’s was one of the most amazing with her gorgeous china that she inherited from her grandma! Really, just so amazing!

We found my name on the table cards that officially led me to Dawn’s table…although I had come a little earlier and taken pictures of all the other beautiful tables that were there. IMG_2365_filtered

While we were visiting and early into our meal they had the band, Manifest, playing jazz music. I really enjoyed it and got a kick out of hearing them play…it has been a long time and they aren’t playing like they used to! Mr. Grothe on the drums used to be one of Minsan’s students, :)!

IMG_2376_filtered IMG_2383_filtered

Doesn’t the salad look lovely on the plates?


The meal was very good too with chicken, green beans and potatoes. The dessert were these adorable cookies that they had written with Refuge and they were individually wrapped. I didn’t enjoy them, but my hubby did :)!


The final part of the evening was Corrinne Wood sharing her amazing testimony of her coming to the Lord and her current walk with him. It was very good!

IMG_2397_filteredAfter some additional visiting, we all parted ways and headed for home. A great night had by all :)!

IMG_2310 copy_filtered

Now for the sake of beauty, here are a number of photos of the other tables that were there. BEAUTIFUL!

IMG_2347_filtered IMG_2350_filtered IMG_2354_filteredIMG_2314 copy_filteredIMG_2303_edited-1_filtered IMG_2305_filtered IMG_2312_filtered  IMG_2315_filtered IMG_2322_filtered IMG_2323 copy_filtered IMG_2327_filtered IMG_2331_filtered IMG_2339 copy_filtered IMG_2341 copy_filtered IMG_2344_filtered IMG_2346_filtered

Pretty lovely wasn’t it. I have to tell you that I think women, when given the chance, rise up and are the most creative, lovely creatures ever! These tables were the bomb!!! I also realize that it would be fun to have some different plates to take pictures of food with. I noticed that Mary at Owlhaven purchases single sets to do do just that. After looking at all these tables, I think it might just be a great idea!