Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scenes from Illuminate 2010 (5)

The next phase of the girls event started at 8:00 over at the youth building.
Here are all the girls waiting to get in.IMG_5954_filtered
Here they all are…210 girls! Amazing turn out. I heard on Sunday that there were twice as many girls as the previous year! Wonderful!
They started off with a couple of the HMC' guys doing a cool paint light show.
IMG_6009 copy_filtered
Then Amber and Des gave everyone a great big welcome and encouraged everyone to have a great time!
The lead in to the fashion show…
IMG_6023 copy_filtered
Below are just a ton of shots from the fashion show. The lighting was, lets just say, interesting, when it came to photography. I still think I was able to get a few good shots in there in spite of it. It was really quite amazing to see the pictures of the girls before and after!

IMG_5802 IMG_5804
In the middle of the show Tim, the camera guy, did his own thing…LOL!
IMG_5633 copy
IMG_5769 copy
I loved the couple of HMC kids doing the commentary!! Perfect!
IMG_5631 copyIMG_6053_filtered
IMG_5649 copy
IMG_5725IMG_5783 copy
Don’t they look great?!!
IMG_6069 copy_filteredIMG_5712_filtered
Since my lighting was bad I snapped a few shots of them after the show…So fun!
IMG_5825 copy
IMG_5829 copy
After the fashion show Rachel Sogge gave out the rules for the night and weekend while the band set up.
…the first prize of the weekend was also drawn for.
IMG_6078_filtered IMG_6079_filtered
Then it was on to the music part of the evening. IMG_6089_filtered
The band was really quite wonderful.
IMG_6090_filtered IMG_6085_filtered IMG_6096_filtered
Of course, it was about this time that I realized that I was old and the volume was enough to send me home…
Sad I know! I am glad the girls has fun though and that is what matters!!!!
After the band spoke I believe there was a speaker before the girls headed out to the “Lodge” to stay the night before the next days festivities.
It really sounded like a great time was had by all!

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