Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fall 2010 (3)

Scenes from around the hotel and near the water in Duluth, MN.IMG_4530 copyIMG_4513IMG_4514 copyIMG_4515 copyIMG_4520 copyIMG_4521 copyIMG_4528 copy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

iheartfaces–slice of life


IMG_8749 johnAlthough this wasn’t my little son that was born, it was a “slice of life” for me that day when he was born and I was there for it. Such a precious little life. The “Live Long and Prosper” hands, priceless!

Fall Color 2010

I do have a lot of pictures from Fall 2010 that I never did share last fall. So, as we wait for Spring to come, I am going to share another form of color…fall. I hope you enjoy the greens, oranges, and yellows from last year.

These were taken on the way to Duluth, MN on the last weekend in September.IMG_4409 copyIMG_4414 copyIMG_4345 copyIMG_4348 copyIMG_4382 copy

Saturday, March 26, 2011

…a birth to remember

I was invited to be alongside my dear friends Dawn and Dave as they were having their latest edition to their family a few days ago. Much to the very joy of Dawn, things went very, very different than previous deliveries. Which means instead of a 4-5 hour labor with many moments of intensity…it was 13 hours of labor with much fewer moments of intensity. A wonderful blessing indeed. On top of it, it afforded us many hours of visiting that we may not have had if it had gone differently. Yay for that!
IMG_8626 bw_filtered
Although, during the last hour, things indeed do go pretty quick and little John Patrick arrived in a bit of a hurry. Yay! Dawn was relieved I am sure and little John, well, he was still a little upset over the whole thing, well just for a few minutes Winking smile!
IMG_8697 copy_filtered
He was all checked over…ten fingers, ten toes, you know the check up!
All the proper measurements were made.
In his first wee little diaper…
He was finally left to rest and after I had all my shots I wanted, we turned the bright light back off again.
…so he could open his little eyes up.
IMG_8793 copy_filtered
Daddy sayin’ “hi”.
Finally momma gets to see him again. Awwww, priceless!
After all was said and done and Simply Dawn was settled in her new room, Dave and I took off at 3:00 am. Yep, a little late and we ventured out into one of our worst winter storms this year. I would not have made it home on the roads and since my kids were at Auntie Lorrie’s I ventured out into the snow and made it to Lorrie’s who live relatively close by…although my parking job was a bit precarious at the end of her driveway. Lets just say that it was a miracle that I made it that far!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon March 18, 2011

IMG_8416 copy

This was taken just as a quick snap the other day. I had wanted to dig out my tri pod and give it a better try yesterday, but the weather was overcast Sad smile. So this was as good as it gets!