Friday, March 26, 2010

Scenes from Illuminate (4)

Down in the Sunday School rooms they had some great things for the girls to experience. All the way these wonderful candles were all lined up down the hall. They were beautiful!
In one room was rows of fingernail polish awaiting for the girls to come.
Here is the fingernail polish in use.
In the Hair room before the girls arrived…
IMG_5494 IMG_5488 copy IMG_5489 IMG_5490
…and here it is full of lots of lovely girls getting their hair done.
Then there was the Make Up room.
This was a quiet room before the girls arrived…
IMG_5508Everything was set out with care…  IMG_5509 IMG_5512 IMG_5518IMG_5513IMG_5515_filtered
Here are all the girls getting all dolled up.
IMG_5924IMG_5936_filtered IMG_5945 IMG_5939_filtered
After the girls were all dolled up the nice and neat table turned into this ;)!

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