Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scenes from Cold Spring

When I was out taking pictures of doors for our Camera Club assignment I not only took pictures of the doors, but I was taking pictures of some of the unique houses in Cold Spring. There were more I wanted to take pictures of, but for the most part getting a few was all that was in the time budget.
This house in particular is very cool and if you can see the glimpse next to it, a perfectly modern house is sitting there. This one feels like a diamond in the rough. I should really make a point of doing a photo walk this summer when the trees are green and there are flowers everywhere! IMG_4223 IMG_4226 copy IMG_4228 copy
Here is another architecturally beautiful home. I imagine it having wonderful wood work inside…I hope so at least, it is quite quaint from this perspective!
IMG_4235 copyIMG_4231 copyI suspect that this home is maybe more like little rooms for rent…maybe, I actually know nothing abuot it, but it is such a HUGE home if it is just a home. For the most part, I love the symetry that it affords. Isn’t it amazing!?!  IMG_4245 copyIMG_4244 copy
I know lately I have had a strange desire to put Joanne’s Memories of Sunshine action from Coffeeshop on everything. OKay, I have been loving the Butterscotch Vintage action too….
My apologies and I plan to return to my regularly scheduled bright and vivid colors as we arrive closer to summer….I think I will at least, LOL! In any case, I thought I would share one of the houses with the normal bright colors of the day. Partially because the sky was an amazing color that day and completely worth sharing!!!
IMG_4223 vivid copy

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