Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sneak Peek - "S" Family - Cold Spring Area Photographer

I have enjoyed this family greatly as I have watched this little guy grow. Their family dynamics have changed while they are one less this year, but seeing his sparkly face in spite of it, made my spirit leap. Thank you for including me in your family tradition this year!

Sneak Peek - Little Man "A" - Cold Spring Area Photographer

My favorite little man Anthony. It has been so much fun watching my great nephew grow up into an amazing, sweet little guy . Love him!

Sneak Peek - "L" Family - Cold Spring Area Photographer

So fun to not only take photos of friends and clients, but capturing my own family...it is bliss. Here are some quick shots of my niece, her hubby and their beautiful little boy.

Sneak Peeks - "D" Family - St. Joseph Area Photographer

Another beautiful family! Shooting out at St. Johns University is always gong to be a favorite with all the scenes you can choose from. What a sweet family to spend some time with.


Sneak Peeks - "F" Family - St. Joseph Area Photographer

It was a truly windy day on the first Sunday in October, but we found a nice peaceful place to take family pictures for this great family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sneak Peek "F" Family - Cold Spring Area Photographer

Love it when fall strikes and I get to capture everyone in the fall leave splendor! This year it is all about hiding from the wind though and Chapel Hill worked out perfectly! Love this family!

Sneak Peek of an Engagment Shoot - St. Cloud Area Photographer

A wonderful shoot out at St. Johns University on a windy Sunday afternoon. Nothing more special than new love. Such a beautiful couple and amazing family!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sneak Peeks from Sophie's Senior Shoot - Cold Spring Area Photographer

It was great to do Sophie's shoot. She is the younger sister to a bride from a wedding I shot almost a year ago. It was great weather and a beautiful girl. Because of our adoption and my wanting to stay as close to my little girl as possible this year I have been doing a lot more shooting right in Cold Spring. In an effort to not use the same place over and over, I am actually enjoying checking out my little home town and finding fun places to shoot.

Sneak Peeks "N" Family - Cold Spring Area Photographer

The weather was a little cooler today, but it didn't hinder capturing this beautiful family today. What a sweet family! Thanks for inviting me out to your perfect property today! Can't wait to meet your newest addition next month!