Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Color…

My first sites of Hawaii:
IMG_4907 new_filtered
I took a sunset shot all but one night we were there. They were quite beautiful, but interestingly enough, weren’t as beautiful as some of the sunsets we have here in MN.

Remember this one is my favorite so far from MN:
ihpoc sunset
But like I said, they were still beautiful so here they are:
IMG_5875 new_filteredIMG_5557 copy_filteredIMG_5176 new_filtered
Here are just a few other things from Hawaii worth remembering…
IMG_5825 copyIMG_5030 IMG_5007Maui Beach IMG_4985 edited from raw
Don’t worry, I could go on for days and days with pictures, I think I did that when I got back last year, but I won’t do that to you again, I promise!

In any case, I am just as eager for spring as I ever was…Lord bring it on, I am soooo ready! 


  1. Love the fourth one down!

  2. I feel warmer just from looking at them on this blustery morning. good ol' MN!