Monday, March 29, 2010

Editing JPG’s with my RAW editor

What a wonderful little treat. A while back I remember reading on Pioneer Woman’s site that she gave up RAW because of all the space it was taking up for her. What was a great deciding factor for her was that she could still use the RAW editor on her JPG’s. I couldn’t see how in the world she had done that and assumed that it could only be done if you had the full version of Photoshop…well, that isn’t the case as you know from a previous post I shared the other day.
Anyway, I have been playing with some old JPG’s that I had taken before I transitioned to RAW…including all my pics from Hawaii. Nice to have a new jab at editing them too!
Anyway, here is one of my old favorites that I was able to re-edit in my RAW editor and then run a vivid action on it.
Edited by my RAW editor and then an action: IMG_1068 newly updated
I am thrilled that I can do this. I won’t give up RAW, but it is nice to have an option for some of my older shots!

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