Friday, July 31, 2009


Whilst checking out the Central MN Camera Club they encourage the attendees to be on a photo challenge each month. Last month was “obsolete” and this month was the color orange. So, here are some pictures that I am thinking will work well for the meeting. It certainly was my advantage that my motorcycle is orange, little Piper’s hair is orange, a beautiful sunset with hints of orange, roses (pretty eh?), and of course a road sign!

So you think these will do?

IMG_1394 copy

IMG_1737 copy

Beautiul sunset_filtered copy

IMG_1506 copy

    IMG_2144 copy

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Always on the lookout

For new views to photograph. This is a view just past St. Stephens on the way to Rice, MN. It doesn’t show the view well, but if you look off in the distance, it is as though you can see into a valley forever and ever and ever. It is a cool place. If you go to the end there is a sharp corner to the left and then it is another straight stretch…

IMG_1961 copy

IMG_1961 copy_edited-1

Close ups are always fun!

IMG_1969 copy

IMG_1965 copy  Along the straight stretch is a field of yellow….it was beautiful. I even stopped and pulled into someone’s driveway to snap a few pictures. Isn’t it cool?!

IMG_1975 copy

IMG_1972 copy


St. Cloud Photowalk (6)

IMG_2699 copy IMG_2473 copy IMG_2484 copy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

St. Cloud Photowalk (16)

IMG_2587 copy_edited-1

IMG_2584 copy_edited-1

IMG_2585 copy

IMG_2580 copy

St. Cloud Photowalk (15)

IMG_2598 copy IMG_2660 copy IMG_2606 copy

St. Cloud Photowalk (14)

IMG_2622 copy


IMG_2621 copy

St. Cloud Photowalk (13)

IMG_2671_edited-1 IMG_2602 copy

IMG_2489 copy

St. Cloud Photowalk (12)

IMG_2546 copy IMG_2529 copy IMG_2543 copy_edited-1

St. Cloud Photowalk (10)

IMG_2458 copy IMG_2673 copy_edited-1 IMG_2672 copy_edited-1

St. Cloud Photowalk (9)

IMG_2424 copy IMG_2506 copy IMG_2513 copy

Blaine and Grandpa Slideshow

My hubby Minsan and his friend Mitch have spent time in the studio working on songs over time ( This one is extra special because it is about Mitch’s grandson Blaine. he is the cutest and brightest little boy and hopefully you will enjoy seeing some pictures of him too!

If you will notice some of the pictures in the slideshow were some that I had taken last month. I am so glad that I got to see him in person with his guitar.

St. Cloud Photowalk (5)

IMG_2428 copy IMG_2454 copy IMG_2423 copy_edited-1

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Photowalk pictures…

I have been doing some editing to my pictures before I put them out here. One thing that I have come to realize  is that it is totally subjective. I love things as vibrant as I can…not everyone feels that way…. Just to show how much I like, I thought I would show you a before and after shot.

Before editing:


After editing:

IMG_2487 copy

What do you think about the changes? Remember that there are a million things that can be edited to be to your liking…this is just my way…

How about black and white…do you prefer it that way?


Wait, maybe you like the vintage look:

IMG_2487 copy_edited-2

No matter…it is all good fun though…to me that is ;)!