Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

On Days Like This…

It is nice to remember how pretty it was in the summertime!

IMG_1389 copy


iheartfaces-bw landscape

The challenge this week was black and white landscapes. It said that I had to have at least one person in it. So, here is my entry...can you see all the tiny people to the left of the pic..yep, those are my people. This is a pic from the Hoover Dam. Loved it there!!!
IMG_8163 copy 2

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Old Car Along the Road


On our way up to my mom’s for Thanksgiving we saw this old car on the side of the road. We didn’t have time to take pictures on the way up north, but on our way home on Sunday, I remembered to stop. It was on the north side of Fergus Falls. The great thing is that it was a wonderful day with sunshine and blue skies!

IMG_0776 copyIMG_0747 70sIMG_0747 cs vintageIMG_0751 copyIMG_0754IMG_0758 simply vintageIMG_0768 ice pop

A cool old car eh?!IMG_0768

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beginning of November–I still found color!

IMG_9570 copyIMG_9503 copyIMG_9534 copyIMG_9539 copyIMG_9542 copyIMG_9544 copyIMG_9546 copyIMG_9551 copyIMG_9553 copyIMG_9556 copy
On our way back to the house, I noticed that with the leaves off the trees, you could actually see the reflection of my house in the pond. IMG_9565 copy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grandma Mavis’ Birthday Photoshoot (lots 'o’ pics)

We played around with some hopefully fun shots of the grandkids with Grandma Mavis while she was here in November. A friend has loaned me their Canon L series 24-105 mm lens to experiment with and this seemed like the perfect chance to do use it. I think that it provided some decent clarity and color, what are your thoughts? I know that some clarity is usually lost when I post to my blog, but hopefully it still will show the performance off in spite of it.

Thanks Smile!

William and Grandma

IMG_9359 copy_filtered

IMG_9341 copy

IMG_9348 copy

IMG_9352 copy

IMG_9357 copy

Clarisse and Grandma

IMG_9377 copy

IMG_9378 copy

IMG_9380 copy

IMG_9382 copy

IMG_9366 copy

IMG_9373 copy

Chloe and Grandma


IMG_9387 copy

IMG_9394 copy

IMG_9403 copy

IMG_9398 copy

IMG_9529 copy

Duncan and Grandma

IMG_9431 copy

IMG_9412 copy

IMG_9415 copy

IMG_9425 copy

IMG_9427 copy

Caden and Grandma

IMG_9444 copy

IMG_9454 copy

IMG_9433 copy

IMG_9438 copy

IMG_9441 copy

All the kids together

IMG_9497 copy

IMG_9456 copy

IMG_9465 copy

IMG_9472 copy

IMG_9473 copy


IMG_9481 copy

IMG_9493 copy

IMG_9515 copy

IMG_9509 copy

IMG_9511 copy

IMG_9513 copy

Just for fun.

IMG_9481 bw copy