Friday, March 26, 2010

I Heart Faces – Fix it Friday


Here is the original picture:


I tried just a little editing here with PW’s actions now available for Elements, Yay!!! All of them I brightened in the RAW editor first before starting.

1. This one just had PW Lovely action. I thought I would just keep it simple.

4463354463_0c14705184_b little

2. This one had PW Warm action with Coffeeshop Vignette.

4463354463_0c14705184_b warm sharpen vignette3. This one had the MCP Actions Sharpen, PW Boost, then PW Warm and finished with Coffeeshop Vignette.    

4463354463_0c14705184_b warm boost vignette_filtered

4. This little girl looks amazing no matter what I did. Here she is with the PW Colorized action and then a little Coffeeshop Vignette.

4463354463_0c14705184_b colorized sharpen vignette

5. Yep, cute no matter what.  4463354463_0c14705184_b warm boost vignette_filtered copy

Head over to I Heart Faces and see what everyone else did!

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  1. these are great! fun to have new actions to play with!