Friday, June 29, 2012

Kids all in a Row

I soooo love asking the kids to do their own thing when I am shooting. I am afraid it may be “my thing”. Be truthful, when you see this pic it is okay right? IMG_5954

But be honest, doesn’t this one make you smile?! It sure does for me. I imagine that is why I have been so drawn to lifestyle photography. IMG_5969_filteredIMG_5965_filtered

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today’s Shots

Just a few shots from my yard and across the street on the path where there are lots of weedy flowers. The lighting was just right. IMG_5690IMG_5699IMG_5701IMG_5702IMG_5704IMG_5713IMG_5727IMG_5729IMG_5736IMG_5755IMG_5763IMG_5773IMG_5777IMG_5784IMG_5791IMG_5793IMG_5795IMG_5797IMG_5802IMG_5804IMG_5805IMG_5810IMG_5814IMG_5824IMG_5830

Vintage Chair

One of the neighbors had this old chair outside. I just loved how worn it was.


Babies Breath


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anoka, Stillwater, Hudson and Home Again Jiggidy Jig

The first weekend in June was a busy one for our family. The man of the house joined his group of friends for a motorcycle weekend to Wisconsin. IMG_0391Cheryl and I took off to Hudson for a night to have a girls night away, but it was also a work weekend for us. On our way to Stillwater, we spent a few hours shooting family pictures at an anniversary party/reunion for a friend. So much fun and so many fun pics from that day!IMG_0554Then we hooked up with our next wedding clients (her nephew and future neice) to work on wedding shot plans for August. That was awesome too!IMG_1322We finally settled in Hudson where we stayed. IMG_1390
We ate dinner at this fun little place called the Urban Olive and Vine. It was really great food with tons of gluten free options. They even had a live Jazz band playing a set while we were there. Great music, awesome food, good friend, perfect end to our busy day!
As with many river towns, they are all experiencing some flooding and Hudson was no different. IMG_1435IMG_1426IMG_1439IMG_1441IMG_1442The next day we checked out the marina before heading back towards home. We both had things that hurried us home sooner than we had hoped. Next time, more time, no hurry.IMG_1455IMG_1467I was surprised how high the water was!IMG_1475We thought we would have time for the camera club meeting that coming week (with the kids coming home from camp that same day, it didn’t end up working out) I tried to get a pic for the assignment that was a wide open shot of a recreational space. The sky was so great that day that this seemed like a worthy option. IMG_1485After that we rushed home and went onto or normal lives. Can’t wait for another time away!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Walk About

I wasn’t able to join the other camera club folks at the quarry, but I did manage to get the kids out for a little walk tonight even if it was a short one. IMG_4114IMG_4118IMG_4119IMG_4129IMG_4122IMG_4142IMG_4101IMG_4145IMG_4074IMG_4079IMG_4080IMG_4083IMG_4091