Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Drive by Shooting

IMG_8929Do you like the self portrait in the one below?!IMG_8933IMG_8936-2

The vastness of the blue skies yesterday was mesmerizing.IMG_8938IMG_8943IMG_8948IMG_8949IMG_8951IMG_8953IMG_8957IMG_8959IMG_8969_filtered

My partner in crime while I was shooting. Which in turn would gain me the occasional, “Can you move mom so I can get this shot.” Hmmmmm.IMG_8972IMG_8984IMG_8989_filteredIMG_8991_filtered

The temperature was just right and the sky was amazing. So glad I had a chance to get out a little and capture the Minnesota Winter. We haven’t had much to capture of it up to this point, so I was thankful to get a little glimpse of it for now.

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