Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girls Retreat - Journalistic Shots

Along with a number of other amazing photographers, I was able to do a photo journalist shoot for a girls retreat that our church was sponsoring. It was so much fun to capture all the girls while they experienced all that the retreat had to offer them.

The girls had spa treatments that involved getting their hair done, nails, makeup, and massage. All while listening to an awesome band and enjoying yummy treats.IMG_9662IMG_9687IMG_9846IMG_9736IMG_9774IMG_9861IMG_9889IMG_9915

After the spa treatments the girls moved onto the next phase which involved a fun fashion show where six girls were given a makeover and then shared their new styles on the runway. IMG_9949

As challenging as low light settings are, when the lighting happens to cooperate, you can get some fun shots.


After the show and  few other things there was a time  of worship, after I snapped a few shots, of the band and then took off for the night. They still had many moments planned for the girls that consisted of more worship and a great message and then the pizza party. IMG_0032

I returned the next morning for the prize drawings and a few more games to start the day. IMG_0048Eating bananas with your feet, yep, glad to be the photographer and not the girl playing the game!




This look she is making…it is because she is very afraid of the next challenge.

IMG_0120Yep, the girls had to eat a blended happy meal…yuck!IMG_0130IMG_0142IMG_0158Not one girl could fully drink a whole glass because they were just plain old gross! ewww!!IMG_0169That part of the event was over and the girls moved on to the next phase. The Dance  Off!IMG_0194

IMG_0219IMG_0310IMG_0314IMG_0393IMG_0370They also do a panel with women and then men that the girls in the audience can ask candid questions. IMG_0458IMG_0471The girls very attentive to every step of the way. IMG_0492

Another skit and then moving on to the worship and message part of the afternoon. IMG_0504IMG_0520


It was time for me to take off for home. I would have loved to have heard Adam’s message. It was certainly off to a good start when I slipped out.

I pray the girls had a great time and drew closer to the Lord over the amazing weekend!

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