Monday, January 23, 2012

Fall Photoshoot with the “N” Family

I had the chance to do a photoshoot with a fellow photographer and her family. It was a beautiful day and the family was a blast to photograph. We captured some really fun pictures of the family that day! On top of it, it was one of the last beautiful days before the temps dropped down and the sun just didn’t feel as warm. 45670839_fb

This one was fun, the dad had thought it would be fun to have the rest of the family posed and have his youngest daughter run through the scene. This is what she loves to do, so it wasn’t hard to convince her. It was pretty fun to get that shot!

card2IMG_0745IMG_0761_6x4IMG_0915What a beautiful family! I can’t wait to meet the new one when he/she is born soon. Thanks for the chance to spend some time with your family Mrs. N!IMG_0949

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