Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Niece Photoshoot

I had the great opportunity to take my niece’s pictures while she was up visiting from out state where she is going to college. It was so fun to take her pictures and her boyfriend too. They were willing to do just about anything, so we headed out to my little town of Cold Spring to get some fun pictures that were more “urban”. What has still been amazing for Minnesota is that we took these outside and we could do it with no coats AND it wasn’t terrible. Yay! Of course now it is very  chilly outside and snowing… Anyway, I love how they turned out!! Thanks Sarah for giving me the chance to capture you guys together!IMG_8139IMG_8261IMG_8153IMG_8172IMG_8179IMG_8198IMG_8201-3IMG_8208_filteredIMG_8213_filteredIMG_8233-5IMG_8236-2IMG_8239IMG_8246IMG_8248IMG_8251-4IMG_8257-3IMG_8285

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