Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color Pursuits Continue at My Bridge

The weather was exceptionally beautiful today. Sunny (ahhh, glorious sun!), Blues Skies, and Clouds. Altogether lovely! So after my chiro appt I snuck over to the bridge to capture some shots to see how winter was looking over there. I am happy and I found a nice color shot for my 365 project. Yep, today’s color is black!IMG_1085Here are the rest from the day!IMG_1076IMG_1080IMG_0995IMG_0996IMG_1008IMG_1009IMG_1020IMG_1024IMG_1029IMG_1032Lots of melty snow on the wood planks. IMG_1034IMG_1041IMG_1050IMG_1057IMG_1062IMG_1066IMG_1068IMG_1070IMG_1073IMG_1075

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