Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color Posting Continues

Thanks to color week on the 365 Project, here are more color leftovers so to speak. I just couldn’t stop taking advantage of the rainbow goldfish to shoot a few extras and of course share them here. I just loved how vibrant they looked and all the fun colors. The funny thing is, I never buy these outside of my desire to take pictures of them. My kids just don’t need the extra dye that they offer, but on this rare occasion I am sure they won’t complain about eating them all up!IMG_0924IMG_0929IMG_0931IMG_0938IMG_0944IMG_0946IMG_0959IMG_0963IMG_0964IMG_0969IMG_0972IMG_0976IMG_0983

Enough goldfish shots? I am sure, lets see what I come up with today!

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