Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project 365

At the beginning of 2011 I decided that it was time to do a Project 365 to increase my photography skills. I wasn’t alone in the adventure and surely it was a great experience. I have been posting those shots specifically over here  and here and on Facebook for those that know me there.
Here are some of my favorites from the year. IMG_4699 22IMG_3228 2IMG_3503 9IMG_6373 58IMG_6418 59IMG_6129 53IMG_8639 81IMG_6731 65IMG_7285 70IMG_0536 97IMG_1013 98IMG_2187 114IMG_7180 147IMG_2814 123IMG_6876 143IMG_7606 154IMG_7979 157IMG_9312 171IMG_2957 191IMG_6763 204IMG_6923 205IMG_9107 215IMG_9793 237IMG_2275 221IMG_1374 251IMG_3725 256IMG_4798 258IMG_4183 284IMG_4851 288IMG_8989 274IMG_3337 332IMG_2409 318IMG_2724 324IMG_5488 350IMG_5158 343
AND the last of the year.
IMG_7842 365You just scrolled through all of these, thanks! I just shared three of my favorite shots from each month on the 2011 365 project. Some months I could only find 3 favorites, some of the other ones, I had a hard time choosing. It was an amazing ride and I am soooooo glad I was on it. Truly fun to watch my photography change and improve as time progressed.
Because I liked it so much, I am on the project again for 2012. The  nice thing is that I am not alone on it again and this time we are doing it with weekly assignments. The first week was shoes: IMG_8304 5
We are currently on a macro week. IMG_8797 11TOTALLY loving it! Next week I get to choose what the topic is, hmmm, what shall it be. In any case, if you have any desire to follow me as I continue that project, head over here. For other continuing random posts, stay here Smile!

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