Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Color Pursuits

The assignment this week for my 365 Project is color,  which you know is one of my main passions out here on my In Hot Pursuit of Color blog. Today, there were just too many choices of color, so my extras that I just had to share them out here.

Today we were in Wadena visiting a family member and saw many amazing murals everywhere. This one specifically was huge!!IMG_0831 copy

Here are some close ups of it.IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0837Indeed lots of color in Wadena! I almost think I need to go back again and find some more. IMG_0846IMG_0850IMG_0851IMG_0858IMG_0873IMG_0875IMG_0877IMG_0887On the way home though I had to snatch a shot of this. How would you like to live in the town of “Bertha”? Yah, me neither?IMG_0891

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