Monday, May 10, 2010

A Kutless Concert

I realized the other day that it had been eons since I had been to a concert! We had an opportunity with the Opening Act competition this past month to be able to be at the Kutless concert. Minsan was playing bass on the house band so he was the opening band, for the opening band for the opening band for Kutless. You like that, yep the opening band for the band Museum, who opened before Chasen, who opened for Kutless…yep, crazy!IMG_0240 copy

Here was the stage all set while the band practiced and did a sound check at 4:00 pm.

IMG_0211 copyIMG_0201 copyIMG_0209 copy IMG_0206 copy Lots of practice, then it was time to wait it out before the concert. At 6:00 we hit up the Hospitality room and had some snacks before the concert was to start at 7:00.

Getting closer to the start time.

IMG_0251 copy

Here they are just about to announce the winner of the Spirit 92.9 Opening Act competition.

IMG_0288 copy

…and the winner is Bryan Rodriguez!

IMG_0292 copy


After the announcement then Bryan sang a few more songs for the crowd!


Here is Museum. The lighting isn’t great at a concert, so my apologies, for the lack of clarity…IMG_0308_filtered

Here was Chasen doin’ their thing!

IMG_0325_filtered copy

Finally here are the shots I took of Kutless. IMG_0399_filtered copyIMG_0441_filtered copyIMG_0371_filteredIMG_0372_filtered IMG_0377_filtered copy  IMG_0380_filtered copy  IMG_0383_filtered copy IMG_0393_filtered   IMG_0403_filtered copyIMG_0362 copy_filtered  IMG_0410_filtered  IMG_0414_filtered IMG_0416_filtered copy IMG_0418_filtered copy  IMG_0431_filtered copy

After a great concert, we ran off to Applebees for a snack! It was a great day had by all :)!IMG_0443

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