Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camera Club Meeting

I have been attending a local Camera Club Meeting in St. Cloud on the first Thursday of each month. Specifically at this meeting we were practicing on “wait for it”. For example, don’t just take tons of shots, but wait for “the shot”. It made sense especially when you are trying to capture the perfect action.   IMG_4336We were told to practice taking a picture of the timer ever ten seconds on the dot. I actually did okay surprisingly. We tried it on a digital timer. IMG_4342We also tried with an analog timer too. IMG_4330It was fun to try something different at the meeting. After all this practice I was able to come up with my rash of attempted action shots from last month.IMG_7314 copy IMG_4510 IMG_6967 IMG_7192 copy_filtered IMG_7295 Needless to say, the tips worked! I had fun trying, but I am thankful that action isn’t my normal mode of operation, I truly prefer to take shots of things not moving, much easier!

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