Sunday, May 23, 2010

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano – Gluten Free Menu, yay!

IMG_5105 copy_filtered Catch this…still posting pics from March!!! We had a chance to dine at Biaggi’s on a trip to Trader Joes. IMG_5107 copy_filtered I was sooo pleased to see that they had added a gluten free menu to the process. So wonderful to have them care about my needs!!! You know that life is all about me right?!!! Okay, I know it isn’t but on moments like this I feel like a princess!IMG_5101 copy Not only do they have a gluten free menu, but they also bring out gluten free bread for you too!!! Lovely!IMG_5111Not that I needed the extra calories, but fun to get to have bread like everyone else!IMG_5128_filteredI know I could have ordered something fancy, but a gluten free pizza sounded pretty yummy!!!  It was so good!IMG_5120 copy_filteredEveryone else had delightful foods too! Ahhh, I love a good meal presentation!!!IMG_5109 copyIMG_5112 IMG_5119 copyAfter a wonderful time shopping at Trader Joes and dining at Biagge’s it was back to the grind…once we got through the evening traffic that is. Thankfully this wasn’t bumper like it could have been!IMG_5133_filtered

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