Monday, May 24, 2010


I always find it interesting how things look SOOC and then after I have messed around with them. Specifically when I am using 50mm lens inside where there lighting isn’t great and I never use my flash. When I take pictures with my 50mm lens I put the ISO up to 800 and snap away. If you look at your view screen or on your computer the picture right below is your first view of it…pretty yellow eh? You could almost question that I got the shot at all. IMG_1431I take the picture in raw so that when I open it from there I can cool the temperature down a little and it completely removes the yellow effect. Then I mess a bit with the exposure or brightness depending with what is going on with the picture I took. I have found that when pictures are taken and there is a spotlight on the faces of the people that I can pull down the exposure and bring the face back into focus.   Anyway, the picture below now is that same picture with the temperature tweak and exposure upped a little to bright and clear up the shot. I am always surprised by what I can get away with in the natural light realm. It isn’t professional wedding photographer quality, but it does do what I am hoping which is telling a story…IMG_1430 edited from rawHere is that same picture with a black and white effect.IMG_1430 edited from raw bwHere it is as well with PW Seventies action (which is what I used to edit the whole lot from this series). Sometimes it is fun to just play with pics and make them fun…even if they look older, LOL!IMG_1430 edited from raw seventies

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