Friday, May 21, 2010

I Heart Faces – Fix it Friday

imageSome pictures are harder for me to work with than others, that is indeed certain!!!

Here is the original:4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b With the yellow and shadows…I tried opening the raw editor and cooling it down and then upping the exposure to brighten it up. Then it was quite noisy so I ran it through the noiseware software. I cooled it down too much, but figured I would work with it as is.4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b raw edited_filtered I played around with a bunch of different actions to find one that could make this pic work.

Cherry Cream4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b raw edited_filtered cherry cream A Sepia that was cropped a little.4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b raw edited_filtered sepia cropped

Here is my favorite I think. It was Lemon and Honey action and then I added the Faded Daydream action on top of it…I think this one was soft and lovely for this little peanut!4625503417_70f9bd36eb_b raw edited_filtered lemon and honey crop faded daydream

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  1. They are all so pretty! I think I agree with you and love the last one the best! And I love your crop, too! Thanks so much for working on my photo!