Saturday, May 22, 2010

Camera Bag continues…

The other day I was looking at TJ Maxx for a small bag to carry Will’s epi pen in. I wandered over to the purse section to take a look see. I have been wondering whether I could just a different bag with my current camera bag in the bottom like the bigger bag I have been using. The only thing I really, really wanted to do differently was that I was hoping for something I could carry on my shoulder too instead of just carry down low since the other one had short handles. IMG_1319 copyWell, shockingly enough I did actually find something that just might work. It came with an additional padded enveloped style carrier for a laptop if you had one. I don’t need to use it, but nice to have extra padding if I ever decided to have it be more padded for my camera.  I liked that I could toss my regular camera bag into the bag on the one side and then treat the other side as my purse. IMG_1318 copy Honestly, I think this will work. It isn’t the “one” bag that I had hoped for to keep it all really simple, but for the grand total of $24.99 I am thinking that this is going to be just fine. IMG_1317 copy What I really thought was interesting was that in a blog post somewhere I noticed that they listed this as a great option for a camera bag…and I noticed that the price isn’t too bad either. What I loved though is that it sure is awfully similar to the one I just bought…funny huh?!  Even the four metal feet on the bottom are there too. I am thankful to have found something to suit my needs for the time being until I made a final decision on the “perfect” bag.

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  1. this looks really good. I noticed out on ebay that one can purchase the liner/padding for the inside of a camera bag with all the velcro pieces for different lenses for $20 something. I think that is what people are covering with fabric and selling for camera bags. I would bet that if you wanted to update your camera bag, you could pick up the right insert for you and then we could make a fabric covering for it.