Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunset pictures from the Chain of Lakes

Beautiul sunset

Last summer I took this picture above while boating on the Chain of Lakes by Cold Spring, MN. To capture the picture on a moving boat I had the ISO up as high as my Canon Rebel would go. One other thing to note is that I had not been introduced to the CoffeeShop Actions site when this picture was taken or other sites like Digital Photography for Moms either than taught me about digital noise and correcting it with free software and actions.

So while on my search for orange, I had ran into this picture that I had always loved, but had some serious noise issues from the high ISO. I ran the Noiseware Community Edition software that I downloaded last week and it miraculously fixed the noise…amazing. Then I ran the vivid action from CoffeeShop and WOW! My picture came even more to life and is better than I could have ever, ever, ever imagined!

Thank you CoffeeShop and Digital Mom Photography!!!

ihpoc sunset

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