Monday, August 10, 2009

Summertime Flowers!

I just love the summertime flowers in my yard when they are in full bloom.

I always get a kick out of my globe thistle plant. If I didn’t know that I had planted them, I would have pulled them out as weeds months ago!

IMG_3744 copy_filtered IMG_3748 copy_filtered

Coneflowers are always a favorite for me too! I am glad that they are growing bigger and more plentiful in my garden! Wonderful!

IMG_3754 copy  IMG_3757 copy 2

Here is my liatris too! They are really quite beautiful even though they don’t bloom for very long.

IMG_3759 copy_filtered

I love the pink and purple flowers in my yard. I do add yellows and whites as accents, but my true favorites are the purple and pink ones!

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