Monday, August 31, 2009


For the Camera Club of Central MN photo challenge this month the challenge is reflections. It is actually quite challenging, but I have found a few old pics were suited for the challenge. I have always loved the snow scene from last December. What a great reflection of snow into the river that I brought back for viewing.

IMG_2394 copy_edited-1

This one of Duncan…if you look closely, you will find a self portrait of me in the reflection in his eyes!

IMG_4701 copy

This one I took this past month on the way to Albany to visit a friend. I happened by at just the right time to get a really cool reflection of the sun and sky in the water!

IMG_4429_filtered copy_edited-1

This one was fun to catch of Nikki at the CMA rally. I had hoped to catch a reflection with my motorcycle since it is quite shiny and has so many wonderful opportunities for reflection…especially on a beautiful blue sky day days like we had that weekend!IMG_4553 copy_filtered

This one was a little bit on the greener side, but it was fun to see the different looks of water depending where you are. This was a view of the Sauk River over in Frogtown Park.

IMG_4802 copy_edited-1

So there you have it, reflections by ihpoc!

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