Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Ride on the Motorcycle!

IMG_3520 copy take 2_edited-1

I went for a spin on the motorcycle on Sunday afternoon. My goal was to have coffee with my sister…but on the way to her home is this lovely field with horses. I had driven by this very location one day when the sun was just right and the horses were actually frolicking in the pond. That was a rare, rare moment in time that I didn’t have my camera with and I could have just kicked myself!

Since that day I have been very watchful of that area hoping that the horses would be there again. I left the house yesterday really hoping that they would be there. Sure enough they were out in the field. They weren’t frolicking in the water, but thankfully they were out and about and I could take advantage of the photo opportunity. IMG_3487_edited-1 IMG_3492 copy IMG_3494 copy_edited-1 IMG_3496 copy_edited-1 IMG_3497 copy

IMG_3501 copy_edited-1  IMG_3503 copy IMG_3515

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