Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th of July gathering!

We had been invited to the Annual 4th of July gathering at the our friends the Anderson’s. They love celebrating the 4th of July since it is after all Ashlee’s favorite holiday! It was actually a lot of fun to join them in celebration. I ran around taking pictures of everyone! I really love capturing candid shots of kids (and a few others of course). Ashlee’s kidlets are perfect for that too!

There was lots of eating, visiting, games to play and even some time for song. For the purposes of this post though I just really wanted to share my artistic kid shots! My goal is still to capture some great color while trying my darndest to be creative….I am still learning I will fully admit to that!

IMG_1581 copy bright

IMG_1604 copy_edited-1

IMG_1601 copy

IMG_1671 copy

IMG_1740 copy

I just thought this pic below was so sweet. Nothing beats grandma and granddaughter hand in hand.

IMG_1568 copy

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