Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A model?

I have been taking graduation pictures of family members that are graduating this year. It actually is an honor to be asked to do it and I hope everyone is happy with the turn outs. I have been learning a lot about editing through this process and this specific picture made me very happy!

Here is the original shot out of the camera in RAW and then just converted to JPG for this purpose of sharing with you.

IMG_4215 before

Here is the same picture after I have done some editing via the action “Picture Perfect” from CoffeeShop that I actually ran through twice and then did a noise reduction software which smoothed out her skin. I think what I am realizing more and more is that photo editing is amazing and can take a simple picture and really jazz it up :)!

IMG_4215 810 ihpoc

I have barely touched all the pictures I need to work with, but thought I would share one quick! If anything you will know what is keeping me busy :)!

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