Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Redo

My friend Alyssa went on a European trip with her family this past summer. She had forwarded me a few pictures she took while she was there and I knew they were great, but I couldn’t help but do a little bit of editing just for fun. I figured I would share them out here just for fun. I will post them in a before and after format. Sometimes I over-saturate…I know…but I do it to the level I love. One thing is for certain…not everyone loves what I love and you know what…I really am okay with that :)!


DSC00099 (2) copy_filtered copy

 DSC00211DSC00211 (2) copy_filtered copy

DSC00417  DSC00417 copy 2 3_filtered

DSC00505  DSC00505 (2) copy_filtered copy

DSC00279  DSC00279 (2) copy_filtered copy

She actually took some other amazing pictures from Spain and even Italy, but I went to her house in person and saw them..this was all I had to work with via email…it will just have to do. Her other pictures though…amazing!

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  1. The pics of the small sailboats and paddleboats...that looks just like a little park we went to near Cincinnati. I have some pics I took somewhere, wish I could find similar! :)