Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation Day 3–I am still a tourist! (Pt 2 of Day 3)

After departing from the Hoover Dam I stopped at the scenic overlook on my way out. This is the body of water that feeds into the Hoover Dam. It is such a different site from what we see in MN. IMG_8234 copy
It was nice to use my zoom lens to get some closer shots of the water features.IMG_8235IMG_8237 copy_filteredIMG_8238 copyIMG_8240 copy
If I hadn’t been alone, it might have been kinda fun to see where this tunnel led to. IMG_8242 copyIMG_8244 copyIMG_8254 copyIMG_8259 copy_filtered
From Boulder City to Las Vegas, the clouds looked daunting. IMG_8267
From over to the right you can see the rain was pouring like crazy!IMG_8268
After getting back to Vegas, I checked with the Stratosphere again and sure enough the cloudy weather posed too much of a lightening threat so they wouldn’t let anyone go up. I was bummed! So instead I started walking down the strip to see what sites I could take pics of. Here are some things I saw. Oh and I am such a secret photographer about snatching shots of people!IMG_8324 copy_filteredIMG_8275 copyIMG_8278 copyIMG_8282 copyIMG_8287 copyIMG_8291 copy_filteredIMG_8298 copyIMG_8300 copyIMG_8302 copyIMG_8304 copyIMG_8307 copy_filteredIMG_8318 copyIMG_8315 copyIMG_8348 copyIMG_8330 slight boost copyIMG_8336 copy_filteredIMG_8340
2 or 3 miles into my walk, the rains actually came. I hailed a taxi and got a ride back to my car and swung over to pick Minsan up at the conference.
A serious rain storm indeed, lots of lightening and wind.IMG_8371 copy_filtered
At 8:00 we headed over to the Bellagio restaurant called Olives. We had reservations there to eat with Minsan’s partner Tamara.IMG_8378 copyIMG_8380
This is the only shot I took at the restaurant…remember the whole soooo dark thing at Vegas restaurants. The food we ate was super expensive, BUT soooo good. We really enjoyed our meal there!IMG_8386_filtered
Here ends day 3.

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