Monday, November 22, 2010

Vacation Day 3- I am still a tourist! (Pt 1 of Day 3)

We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant most mornings. It was a great breakfast and a good start to the day.
IMG_8054After breakfast, we would dash off into the day. Here is where I dropped Minsan off for his conference each morning.IMG_8071 copy
While we were in Vegas it was not sunny much of the time…weird huh for a dessert place! My first goal of the day was that I wanted to go up in the Stratosphere. Problem number one…it was too early, they didn’t start their rides until 10:00 Sad smile. IMG_8076 copy
Along the strip are amazing casino’s, but there are also plywood fencing like these. Half built casinos that just never were finished when the economy slumped.IMG_8073 copy
I headed back to the hotel to grab a cup o’ joe before taking off to my next option, Hoover Dam. I just liked the look of this building.IMG_8091 copy
Here is the inside of the hotel we stayed at. IMG_8096 copy_filteredIMG_8095 copy
I was attracted to many different things this day, including this lovely pattern.IMG_8065 copy
After about a 45 minute drive, I arrived to the well known Hoover Dam. I was excited to try and capture it in as good a detail as I could. What was especially cool was that I was able to capture it for the brief moments that the sun was out that whole day.IMG_8098 copyIMG_8130 copyIMG_8111 copyIMG_8112 copyIMG_8113 copy
Isn’t it amazing how far down that truck was down there. I am not yet sure how they get vehicles down there!IMG_8114 copy
This bridge is a very, very amazing feat of engineering. I am still thankful that I didn’t have to travel across it. Somehow it freaks me out to be that high above the ground.IMG_8118 copyIMG_8120 copyIMG_8124 copyIMG_8125 copyIMG_8129 copyIMG_8107 copy
So many ways to look at the Hoover Dam. IMG_8144 copyIMG_8146 copyIMG_8148 copyIMG_8150 copyIMG_8151 copyIMG_8131 copyIMG_8133 copyIMG_8137 copyIMG_8142 copyIMG_8175 copyIMG_8172 copy
I heard that the water level used to be as high as the white lines before. Not sure when, but that is a pretty significant difference from right now.IMG_8156 copyIMG_8163 copyIMG_8165 copy
IMG_8167 copyIMG_8202 copyIMG_8204 copyIMG_8180 copy
Here I am people watching!IMG_8199 copyIMG_8181 copyIMG_8182 copyIMG_8184 copyIMG_8186 copyIMG_8187 copyIMG_8188IMG_8192 copyIMG_8196 copy
They had special monuments commemorating the Hoover Dam. Lot of them actually!IMG_8226 copyIMG_8215 copyIMG_8221 copyIMG_8116 copyIMG_8207 copy
People would walk by the feet and rub it and make wishes. It keeps the toes shiny that is for sure!IMG_8210 copy
2nd part of day 3 to follow soon!

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