Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vacation Day 2 - I am a tourist!

Day 2 landed us starting the day off early with breakfast together at the hotel and then having me drop off Minsan at the Venetian where his conference was. At that point, I looked towards the hills and kept driving and driving. I eventually landed myself here. It is the end of a development. Apparently when the economy went down, the building stuff stopped! I snapped a few shots from this spot.IMG_7577 copy
IMG_7581 copy
From this location I zoomed in the best I could with my 18-270 mm lens and while trying to avoid all the construction material these were the best shots I could get.
IMG_7578 copy
IMG_7565 copy
After that first stop, I found another development that I stopped my car at that left me much closer to the those mountains I was eying up. This time on the other side of them.
IMG_7702 copy
If I understand correctly what you are looking at at here between me and the mountains is the Mojave Dessert. (I think that is what I read at least.)
IMG_7617 copy
IMG_7620 copy
IMG_7629 copy
IMG_7597 normal
Can you tell that it is at the end of a development too with this fire hydrant sittin’ out there?! Not often see this in the desert.
IMG_7657 copy
IMG_7678 copy_filtered
After my little walk in the dessert capturing some shots, I kept driving down the way and eventually came upon a wonderful little caveat Red Rock Canyon.
They had a 13 mile Scenic Drive that was perfect for a little tourist like me. Can you see the tarred road that led close to the canyon?
This is a huge rock…do you see the tiny people at the left bottom of the picture below. It was an amazing to see the magnitude of this canyon!
IMG_7756 copy
IMG_7817 copy
IMG_7821 copy
IMG_7822 copy
IMG_7763 copy
IMG_7768 copy
IMG_7778 copy
IMG_7783 copy
IMG_7788 copy
IMG_7792 copy
IMG_7803 copy
I took a gazillion shots and really had fun trying to capture this space!
IMG_7958 copy
IMG_7840 copy
IMG_7852 copy
IMG_7870 copy
IMG_7876 copy
IMG_7884 copy
IMG_7896 copy
IMG_7897 copy
IMG_7924 copy
IMG_7934 copy
IMG_7938 copy
IMG_7952 copy
Here I am near the end of the Scenic Drive.
IMG_7981 copy
After my drive I headed back near the city, grabbed some lunch and then headed on the way to Pahrump so I could see Uncle Rick. I had an awesome time visiting with Rick and Ellen! Sooooo good to see them and catch up a bit!
IMG_7989 copy
IMG_8010 copy
IMG_8007 copy
IMG_7995 copy
IMG_7999 copy
Just a quick shot to prove I was really there visiting. It was great to see him after about 9 years of seeing him.
IMG_8005 copy
After a great afternoon of visiting it was time to head back to Vegas to rescue Minsan from his conference!
IMG_8015 copy
Coming back near Vegas there was tons of lightening. I tried so hard to capture it and the best I got was the lit up sky in the middle right. Apparently Vegas rarely has big storms like the one that happened that night.
I proceeded to pick up Minsan and we headed back to the hotel. After we were both gone all day, eating room service was the perfect way to end the day. I am a sucker for Ahi Tuna!
A great day was had by me! (Minsan too!)

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  1. Amazing wonderful works of art. Stunning scenery and beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Don.