Friday, November 5, 2010

St. Croix Vineyard, Stillwater, MN (1)

IMG_2442 copy
I took a lot of pictures at the St. Croix Vineyard in Stillwater on September 12th. I will be spreading out the pictures into a few posts. I loved taking pictures there and really loved people watching. This was their Grape Stomp weekend and vineyard tours. IMG_2172
They also have an apple orchard and lots of apple and apple products for sale. IMG_2177 copyIMG_2388 copyIMG_2360IMG_2362 copy
They also had maple syrup and they also sell honey. IMG_2371 copy
They had this cool bee hive for our viewing inside the store. It was actually hard to get a clear shot since the bees are very quick to move. IMG_2373IMG_2384 copy
This was interesting to see an old shiny ford truck in the building. IMG_2369 copy
After we looked around their we did a little wander around before the tour started. There were tons of people there enjoying the beautiful day and the games and events.IMG_2181 copy
They also had a live band playing all the time. IMG_2182 copy_filtered
Some folks actually came to make a big mess doing the grape stomping!
IMG_2326 copyHere is a view of some of the vineyard. I didn’t have a vantage point where I could capture the WHOLE place. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful?IMG_2270 copy
Our tour guide shared some pretty cool details about growing grapes. IMG_2390_filtered
How they are processed once they are picked, what happens to them.IMG_2430
Finally, what happens once they are bottled. IMG_2435 copy
Here they are lined up in their ready to sell location. IMG_2446IMG_2444 copy
I enjoyed our day out in the sun so very much! Tomorrow though  I will share the rest of the shots I took at the vineyard. Clearly this post is long enough Smile!

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