Friday, November 19, 2010

Fix it Friday

Here is the cool picture that iheartfaces had this week! Love the color and the bokeh!5188997359_f39e95afa6_o

I mostly just raised the brightness on the levels and then ran the MCP Sharpening action. I have been noticing that when I have access to someone else’s pictures lately and they have yummy eye lashes, that I can’t help but to brighten it up so I can see them better!5188997359_f39e95afa6_o copyHere it is one more level of lighting when I used an ivory bleach action. Check out those yummy freckles and eyelashes!Nelly Nero Ivory Bleach

Don’t forget to head on over to iheartfaces and check out all the other entries!


  1. I really like the first fix! I agree...those are some AMAZING eyelashes!

  2. really love your last edit! i adore photos with the bleached feel and you pulled it off beautifully with this photo. Job well done :)

    head over to my blog {} to check out my edits!

  3. Love your edits ... especially the last one ... those gorgeous eyelashes really stand out, and I love the lighter tones! Great work! :) Have a blessed week!