Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflection…a year in pictures.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here is one photo from each month…It in no way reflects our true year, but I thought it might be fun anyway :)!

January 1st…Sybilla Jansen’s first photo shoot :)!


February 24th…Bugbee Retreat with the girls.

IMG_3893 copy

March 21…Maui, HI

IMG_5042 eidted from RAW

April 4…Will, Arghh Matey!

IMG_6237 Will from raw 

May 16…Minsan’s new bike

IMG_7861 edited bike

June 17…”reflection” while at the cemetery where Grandma Shirley was laid to rest.

IMG_9776 copy

July 1st…A special visit from a friend.

IMG_1300 copy 3

August 12th..Just a few of the fun things the kids did in the summertime.

IMG_3797 copy_filtered

September 5th…Not every moment is perfect, but at least we don’t stay there :)!

IMG_5116 copy

October 9th …a few amazing photographic opportunities.


November 15th..Of course there was the great outdoors to be explored.


December 22nd…More fun to be had celebrating birthdays and Christmas.


Yeah, I don’t think it was such a good idea to only use one picture from each month…there were so many great things that happened this past year. I suppose that is what a blog is all about keeping track. I could always run back through the year and see what all happened. (Although I think the majority of these pictures are on my Chronicles of the Sauers Family Adventures blog…at least they are somewhere.)

In any case, I pray you have a blessed New Year!!!

Lord Bless YOU!

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